My name is Franziska Veh and I am a graphic designer.
Since 2006 I have been working freelance for numerous
agencies and other clients from Munich, Berlin, Buenos
Aires and New York with a focus on brand design.
I can provide a wide spectrum of skills, but I also team
up well with people frommy network for more complex
projects.My design ethos is simple: craft solutions
which are considerated, engaging and effective.
I am currently freelancing, collaborating and available
for employment opportunities!

Coffee. Colors. Letters. Dancing in trains. Plants
and flowers. Summer rain. Laughing. My old garfield
blanket. Puffed rice. Vintage stuff. New York.
Buenos Aires. Barbarella. Mr. Softee. Traveling.
Catching up with friends.


For full CV/portfolio requests,questions,
greetings, gossip, critics, please feel
free to contact me!

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